5 Insider Property Marketing Tips for Attracting Tenants in Dickson, TN

5 Insider Property Marketing Tips for Attracting Tenants in Dickson, TN

Are your beautiful Dickson, TN investment properties sitting empty? The rental vacancy rate in the US has increased since 2022. Without a strong property marketing strategy, they'll remain empty, draining money from your accounts.

Here are five tips you can use for finding new tenants! With these property marketing ideas, you can gain more online visibility, leading to more applications. Discover how to attract new tenants online today.

1. Update the Listing

If your rental property listing looks like all the rest online, no one will give it a second glance. Update the listing to ensure it stands out and attracts potential tenants.

Clean and stage your rental property. Remove clutter to help potential renters imagine themselves living in that space.

Hire a real estate photographer who can capture the property in the best light. Look for a professional who offers virtual and video tour services. Adding video content to the listing will ensure it generates more engagement.

Use search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your online search rankings. When Dickson renters search for available properties, yours could appear. Almost 70% of all online activity begins with a search.

Add a strong call to action to the listing. Urge renters to apply or contact you for a tour in person.

Once you update your listing, share it! Direct renters to the property using social media or email marketing.

2. Gather Referrals

Your current renters can help you put new property marketing ideas into action. Ask if they can refer your property to a friend or family member. Their glowing referrals will direct more people to your listings.

Otherwise, ask your renters to share their reviews online. Positive reviews can strengthen your reputation as a landlord. Don't forget to encourage your existing renters to renew their leases!

3. Create Virtual Tours

An eye-catching virtual tour can give renters a better idea of the property. They might share your videos, allowing you to reach more prospective renters.

After creating your virtual tour, optimize it for SEO. Your video will appear for searches and generate more traffic.

4. Use Social Media

Nearly half of all social media users share videos more than any other type of content. You can share:

  • Virtual tours
  • Video tours
  • Renovation videos
  • Renter testimonials
  • Drone shots of the area
  • Renter tips

Diversify your social media content with polls, quizzes, and other interactive posts. Write captions to encourage more engagement.

Don't forget to add hashtags to your posts! Use location-specific tags to reach Dickson renters.

5. Hire a Property Marketing Agency

You don't have to apply these tips alone. Consider hiring a property marketing agency or property management company. Their professional services will save you time and money.

Choose a property management company that offers tenant screening services. Screening applicants will ensure you choose reliable, trustworthy renters.

Apply These Property Marketing Strategies Today

Learning how to attract new tenants can feel time-consuming if you lack experience. Consider using these five property marketing tips. Otherwise, partner with a property management company in Dickson.

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Rely on our award-winning services and state-of-the-art technology. Contact us today for help finding new tenants!